About Ravula

Welcome to Ravula

Ravula IT & Management Consulting is a leading information technology company providing top-notch business consulting and information technology services. Ravula have excellent domain competencies in verticals such as Retail, Finance and Manufacturing. Our primary focus is to transform the education institutions to utilize the modern technology, advanced systems and thereby enhancing the standards of students learning experience.
We are powered by a pool of talented IT and consulting professionals across application software development and maintenance and IT infrastructure management services.
As a diverse end-to-end IT solutions provider, Ravula offers a wide range of expertise aimed at helping clients to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

Business Intelligence

We're with you through every stage of your project, from architecture and design to administration and maintenance. And we're available 24x7—ready to help you with Datawarehousing, Business Analytics support.

Database Services

By relying on our DBA Services for your Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases, your current team can focus on implementing strategic improvements, while we handle the maintenance and troubleshooting.

Why Choose Us

Great User Experience

Our user experience designers are great at making software friendly and usable for our customers. We design clean, clear and smooth interfaces. Design flows that are tied to clear objectives allow us to create a positive user experience and a valuable one for the business we’re working for.

Extensive Experience in BI Consulting

We have extensive experience in Business Intelligence consulting. We have delivered our BI consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

Expertise in Data Analytics Services

Ravula's purpose of existence is to be a part of the technology evolution by bringing the powerful combination of Business Analytics, Web Technologies and Big Data. Always keeping business question at the core, the solutions we develop are meaningful, robust and efficient.

24/7 Phone Support - Always available when you need us.

We assist with your digital transformation. Our solutions help increase your customer satisfaction and deliver innovative technology in customer services. Our customer engagement engineers work super-charged to resolve customer issues. We ensure we are there always, when you need us.

Our Expertise

Web 2.0

Management Team

Gayathri Kanktekar

Director & CEO

Gayathri Kanktekar is a highly experienced Management professional, with expertise in diverse fields of people management and strategic-project execution. She is an expert in Client Relationship Management technology adoption, with a current focus on building on-demand integration and CRM data mining applications.

Core Areas of Expertise

Sales Leadership, Strategic Planning, Team Motivation & Management, Handling Complex Customer Engagements, Managing Key Customer Relationships, Operational Excellence (Process, People and Performance), Delivering Consistent Revenue Growth.

How We Work

  • Define
  • Develop
  • Stabilize
  • Deliver

The most significant phase in our process is Defining. This involves analysis of customer issues, existing system, data and to come up with a well formed planning to meet customer requirements and satisfication. We define project's objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables to be produced in this phase.

Once the plan is in place with necessary approvals initiating the development becomes easy. We'll work in partnership with our clients to identify the solutions that meet client organization's needs.

In the develop phase we start design first. The Project Design process consists of the following key steps: Conduct or use analyses, evaluations, or critical assessments, including a mandatory Sustainability Analysis. Prepare a concept paper or proof of concept defining the proposed project outline.

Once the design is finalised and approved by stakeholders, we proceed with implementing the logics and create a working solution for the client, in this development process there will be n number of iterations cycle of testing to ensure error free delivery.

While the units test conforms the proper implementation, then starts the process of integrating all the successful units / modules. This again goes through a series of testing iterations to ensure the implementations work together as it worked well at unit level. This repeated cycles of testing ensure quality delivery.

Irrespective of vigorous testing at development environment, if the implemented application is directly delivered to production, it is quite possible that a very minimal chances of failing at production environment is expected.

Inorder to avoid such issues, we release the application for testing at staging environment, which is more or less similar to the production in all possible ways. This is where we stabilize the product and ensure the quality of the product to be ready to market. This process of stabilization of product is, again, an iterative process.

This being the final phase of our process, Now we are ready to Go Live and start achieving your expectations. The overarching goal of the Deploying Phase is to place the solution into a production environment. Supporting goals include deploying the solution technology and components, stabilizing the deployment, and transitioning the project to operations and support.

After the deployment, the team conducts a project review and a customer satisfaction survey. Stabilizing activities may continue during this period. The Deploying Phase culminates in the Deployment Complete Milestone, when the team obtains final customer approval of the project.

We'll not only work side-by-side with you to deliver the solutions you've asked for, but we'll provide tips, resources and coaching so that you can sustain your results long after our consulting engagement has ended. We hold ourselves to high standards of performance and service and will welcome your feedback about the quality of our work.